Special Event Stations - K4A, K4R, K4S

We are operating the special event stations K4A, K4R and K4S from Friday, August 25th through Monday, September 4th, 2023 to promote innovative, free and open amateur radio software.
During the event we honor the 2023 award recipient Stephen "Tag" Loomis (N0TTL) and the Gridtracker.org Team for their GridTracker software project.
As part of the special event we encourage people to submit nominations for the 2024 Amateur Radio Software Award.

2023 ARSA Special Event QSL Card


The operating schedule should be taken as a guide where to find the special event station. Based on band condition and other unforseen events operations may change. Most likely some operations will occur in addition to the posted times. Thanks for your understanding.

Operators are the Amateur Radio Software Award committee members Claus (AE0S) for K4A, Kun (N7DMR) for K4S, and Rich (K0EB) for K4R. Guest operators for K4A will be Melissa (KI0A) and Nic (KC0UJC) who will be operating CW.

For SSB we'll try to operate in the following frequency ranges:


To receive the special event QSL card for your contact(s) please send your QSL card and SASE to the station you contacted.


Amateur Radio Software Award
Special Event Station
P.O. Box 126
Ames, IA 50010


Richard Gordon
P.O. Box 409
Brighton, CO 80601


Amateur Radio Software Award
Special Event Station
P.O. Box 660312
Arcadia, CA 91066

If you want to save postage, a single SASE for all stree stations is OK. Please still include a separate card for each station (K4A/K4R/K4S) you made contact. Multiple modes/band for the same station do not need a different card. Send the cards and SASE to one of the three addresses you worked. Please note that this will delay the mailing of our QSL card to you.