Award Rules


Amateur Radio related
The software usage is primarily made for amateur radio or a significant portion of the software's audience are from the amateur radio community.
Source code is licensed and published in a way that others can fork and improve the software, although we encourage collaboration over forking, or easily take over when development is stale. Acceptable licenses range from permissive licenses (e.g. public domain and BSD) to copyleft licenses (e.g. GPL and AGPL).
The software can be freely downloaded and used without having to pay. The software also does not monetize through advertisement or selling user/usage information.
No malicious or undesirable hidden side effects.
No Conflict of Interest
An award committee member can not be associated with the software project.

Other Considerations

The software solves problems in an innovative way.
The software addresses a unique problem or provides a unique solution.
The impact the software has on the amateur radio community.
Good security practices should be followed (e.g. usage of encryption for sensitive data)
Software Development Practice
Good software development practices are used. What determines good practice will range widely between different software project and may include such things like coding style, documentation, source control, issue tracking.